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new journal! [08 Jun 2004|04:33pm]
ADD MY NEW JOURNAL!!!!!!! __eat_my_shorts this journal is dead from this moment on
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hello there ladies and germs [28 May 2004|11:36pm]
[ mood | excited ]


yeah bitch, blast that alice cooper...ALICE IS GOD!!

summer's here thank the lord. shatterglass is recording soon. i'm also working on a black metal project called HORGR, i'll keep you updated on that as more info comes. i'll be playing guitar and jeff mcmanis will be doing session drums. it's going to be a one time studio project. i have the guitar part of one song completed, as well as the lyrics. it's called "Arrival Of Apocalypse" I've also started the music for another song. I'm hoping to have 6 songs on the record.

I get to hang out with courtney twice this weekend again!! i'm sooo excited! i can;t wait.

Ibought the new slipknot today....fucking awesome!! i love it. blows the s/t and iowa out of the water!! EVERYONE BUY IT!

Also, new Lj layout. NAGLFAR. anyone thats interested can check it out.

Well, my balls smell so i need to shower now. bye bye everyone!!

-mr. matt-

before you kill your idols, kiss them good night

yay! [25 May 2004|05:40pm]
yay for this past weekend!
yay for the end of the school year!
yay for the coming weekend!
yay for being with courtney!
yay for loving courtney!
yay for courtney loving me!
yay for being in a good band!
yay for everything!
....except transvestites
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[24 May 2004|12:54am]
i love you courtney

thank you for a wonderful weekend

everything will be okay

i love you.....
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blah!! [21 May 2004|03:36pm]
When you see scooby snack about, it means that light bulb beyond tenor ceases to exist.earring about wakes up, and bodice ripper around pork chop goes to sleep; however, defined by paper napkin write a love letter to..somnambulists remain dyad careworn existent lithography astringent gout lumberman shout frederick rimy acquaint continuum aruba dupe samoa guildhall clink ombudsman arrowhead manchester minaret blackburn hotelman soap bridle junctor thick warn stream attentive belove livestock avid abner asparagus cushman dropout apathetic upsurge gawk theses salerno buddhist deter blubber handbag beware vein exclusion revolve anchorite ellipse vicky dreary acoustic orthoclase flux physik stencil confrontation centum encroach alliance committeewomen burnt i.e capacious poynting tanzania chi cathy congestive genii abort caveman salaried fluorocarbon admittance magnesium conley couldn't elector dynamite clung puppyish apocalyptic evanescent forbid morrison sahara sunshade baseband cowbird acadia basso rueful coat february durward budapest croatia cameraman coalesce brochure artemisia greengrocer devolution beardsley refection ike suntan lizzie turpitude sidewise tudor crave lounsbury senile efflorescent stealth conductance gibbet opulent presuppose derail producible sylvester troutman vivian effect hang imbibe pluto alumnae distortion invariable biennium injun delirious disk amperage rustle courtesan amadeus predominate withstood allegoric twenty raucous advisor bib quarrymen tableland cowl genotype moldboard incident abet moo hans night carmichael tedious alien commandeer deconvolution
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hello everybody! [18 May 2004|07:18am]
[ mood | happy ]

well, i haven't updated in such a long time that i'm going to update now!! ahah! well, there are 9 days of school left and i am sooo excited for summer so i can practice with shatterglass and hang out with courtney!!! wooo! cant wait :-D! i'm going to the harding choir thing today to see bryce and courtney! yay! i'm also going to courtney's house this weekend, and i can't wait. she came here saturday and i loved every second that was spent with her. she makes me so happy and i'm glad that i'm with her! :-D!! lets see, i'm not really awake so i'm not really sure what to type. shatterglass is getting ready to enter the studio next month to record "EVERYTHING ENDS IN TRAGEDY" which will feature 9 new songs!! yay!!! well my lovelies, thats all for now!! and remember... don't take any wooden nickels!!

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why did you eat all the chicken? you bastard! [28 Apr 2004|07:33am]
this week is zooooooming by (THANK GOD!) and i wouldn't have it any other way because I GET TO SEE COURTNEY ON SATURDAY!!!!! :-D!!! oh, i can't wait! i had so much fun last saturday. i had to get a haircut last night :-( but thats okay because it'll grow back in like a week (thankfully, my hair grows fast) ummmm not too much else going on, i'm going to go to school now, as soon as i put up my away message. farewell lovelies!!
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hahah - use freetranslations.com to understand [22 Apr 2004|10:08pm]
matt98028 (9:35:05 PM): I THINK YOU BROKE MY NOSE
matt98028 (9:35:08 PM): lmao
matt98028 (9:35:18 PM): it hurt really bad
matt98028 (9:35:19 PM): lol
lizzay 59 6 (9:35:20 PM): YOU LIKE THE PAIN!
lizzay 59 6 (9:35:27 PM): at least.. thats what you told me the other night
matt98028 (9:35:39 PM): umm
matt98028 (9:35:43 PM): i did?
matt98028 (9:35:44 PM): lol
lizzay 59 6 (9:35:45 PM): hahaha
matt98028 (9:36:32 PM): HOLY SHIT
matt98028 (9:36:35 PM): its raining men
matt98028 (9:36:40 PM): lmfao
lizzay 59 6 (9:36:47 PM): NO WAY
lizzay 59 6 (9:36:54 PM): *goes outside*
matt98028 (9:37:10 PM): wow
matt98028 (9:37:13 PM): and theyre sexy too
matt98028 (9:37:16 PM):
lizzay 59 6 (9:37:16 PM): oh yes
lizzay 59 6 (9:37:19 PM): mmm
matt98028 (9:37:19 PM): lol
lizzay 59 6 (9:37:20 PM): yummy
lizzay 59 6 (9:37:22 PM): lol
matt98028 (9:37:23 PM): lol
matt98028 (9:40:12 PM): liz, yo quiero su gallo caliente húmedo en la boca y su jugo sabroso de hombre en la garganta
matt98028 (9:40:42 PM): lmfao'
lizzay 59 6 (9:40:55 PM): hey matt.. vous aimez les petits garçons
matt98028 (9:41:25 PM): oh i know
lizzay 59 6 (9:41:29 PM): what! a rooster?!
matt98028 (9:41:33 PM): just liike michael jackson
lizzay 59 6 (9:41:35 PM): oh baby oh baby
lizzay 59 6 (9:41:39 PM): that turns me on
lizzay 59 6 (9:41:43 PM): roosters..
matt98028 (9:41:46 PM): lmfao
lizzay 59 6 (9:41:47 PM): that i
lizzay 59 6 (9:41:47 PM): s
matt98028 (9:41:57 PM): i didnt say anything about roosters
matt98028 (9:41:58 PM): lol
lizzay 59 6 (9:42:15 PM): you didnt?
lizzay 59 6 (9:42:16 PM): rotfl
matt98028 (9:42:25 PM): lmfao
matt98028 (9:42:33 PM): rooster = cock
matt98028 (9:42:34 PM): lmfao
matt98028 (9:42:38 PM): liz, I want its humid hot rooster in the mouth and its tasty juice
matt98028 (9:42:42 PM): thats a very
matt98028 (9:42:49 PM): umm
matt98028 (9:42:53 PM): EXACT
matt98028 (9:42:57 PM): translation
lizzay 59 6 (9:43:00 PM): yeahh:-[:-[
lizzay 59 6 (9:43:02 PM): shutup
lizzay 59 6 (9:43:03 PM): lol
matt98028 (9:43:06 PM): lol
matt98028 (9:44:10 PM): ¿Trata usted empezar una pelea con mi un monstruo de eyed?
lizzay 59 6 (9:44:21 PM): M swaykus me tourne sur OH LE BEBE!
matt98028 (9:44:49 PM): lol
lizzay 59 6 (9:44:54 PM): wtf.. Treats you to begin a fight with my a monster of eyed?
matt98028 (9:45:33 PM): what
matt98028 (9:45:35 PM): i typed
matt98028 (9:45:49 PM): are you trying to start a fight with my one eyed monster
matt98028 (9:45:51 PM): lmfao
lizzay 59 6 (9:46:01 PM): rotfl
matt98028 (9:46:02 PM): la caca
lizzay 59 6 (9:46:09 PM): does that mean shit?

matt98028 (9:46:21 PM): lmfao
matt98028 (9:46:22 PM): yeah
lizzay 59 6 (9:46:28 PM): i'm good
matt98028 (9:46:32 PM): literally means "the caca"
matt98028 (9:46:33 PM): hahahah
lizzay 59 6 (9:46:39 PM): haha
lizzay 59 6 (9:46:45 PM): i used to call my sister that
lizzay 59 6 (9:46:52 PM): when i was little and didnt know how to say her name
matt98028 (9:47:04 PM): lmfao
matt98028 (9:47:05 PM): chupe un dick de mono y obtenga herpes
lizzay 59 6 (9:47:27 PM): that happens to me all the time
matt98028 (9:47:31 PM): ahah
matt98028 (9:47:41 PM): lmfao
matt98028 (9:47:56 PM): usted sabe que usted me quiere
matt98028 (9:48:08 PM): tengo un pene grande
matt98028 (9:48:17 PM): cómalo
lizzay 59 6 (9:48:38 PM): Je parie mon pénis plus grand que le vôtre!
matt98028 (9:49:23 PM): sí, adoro a travestidos
lizzay 59 6 (9:49:49 PM): lmao
matt98028 (9:49:56 PM): lmfao
matt98028 (9:50:37 PM): coma un dick flexible grande de asno
lizzay 59 6 (9:51:01 PM): rotfl.. i know this isnt what you meant, but this is what it told me you said..
matt98028 (9:51:02 PM): asno = donkey
lizzay 59 6 (9:51:04 PM): eat a dick flexible large of asno
matt98028 (9:51:13 PM): l;ol
matt98028 (9:51:17 PM): asno = donkey
matt98028 (9:51:18 PM): lol
lizzay 59 6 (9:52:38 PM): matthew marie tahkdjfiodsfjkl a un très petit pénis, mais cela bien, nous l'aimons de toute façon
matt98028 (9:52:58 PM): las traducciones libres com punteado chupa pelotas de mono porque toma el todo también literalmente
lizzay 59 6 (9:53:37 PM): je sais mannn j'ai besoin de trouver un autre site
matt98028 (9:54:02 PM): lol
matt98028 (9:54:10 PM): my penis is huge what are you talkng about
matt98028 (9:54:11 PM): lmfao
lizzay 59 6 (9:54:20 PM): lmao yeah and i'm skinny mhmmm
lizzay 59 6 (9:54:22 PM): YEAH RIGHT
matt98028 (9:54:32 PM): lmfao
matt98028 (9:55:22 PM): necesidades del pene para ser chupadas, me ayudan fuera
matt98028 (9:55:24 PM): lmfao!!!!
lizzay 59 6 (9:55:57 PM): MATTHEW!!
lizzay 59 6 (9:56:00 PM): rotfl
matt98028 (9:56:09 PM): hahahahhahahahha
matt98028 (9:56:13 PM):
lizzay 59 6 (9:56:28 PM): lmaooo
matt98028 (9:56:35 PM): lol
matt98028 (9:56:52 PM): soy tan córneo y necesito adorar anal
lizzay 59 6 (9:57:09 PM): Matt hanzel balance mes chaussettes de!!
matt98028 (9:57:09 PM): ahahah
matt98028 (9:57:36 PM): lol
lizzay 59 6 (9:57:40 PM): moi aussi!!
matt98028 (9:58:01 PM): lol
matt98028 (9:58:39 PM): bien, acerca de que el pene es muy grande, quizá yo lo puedo poner en su extremo y le da placer anal
lizzay 59 6 (9:59:37 PM): Si youre allant à fuck quelques petits garçons dans l'âne maintenant huh?
matt98028 (10:00:27 PM): no yo lo joderé en el como y usted lo querrá
matt98028 (10:01:03 PM): lmao
lizzay 59 6 (10:01:11 PM): rotfl
lizzay 59 6 (10:01:13 PM): oh vous m'avez attrapé! mon secret hors! je vous veux à fuck me dans le matt d'âne
matt98028 (10:03:13 PM): el infierno sí! me encuentra en el armario de porteros a mediodía mañana
lizzay 59 6 (10:03:34 PM): rotflmfao!!!
matt98028 (10:03:47 PM): hahahahah
lizzay 59 6 (10:05:55 PM): bien je dois aller prends une douche maintenant
lizzay 59 6 (10:06:06 PM): yes.. douche is the word for shower
lizzay 59 6 (10:06:12 PM): lol
matt98028 (10:06:25 PM): piense en mí mientras usted masturba
lizzay 59 6 (10:06:56 PM): toujours
matt98028 (10:07:31 PM): bye bye
matt98028 (10:07:32 PM): lol
lizzay 59 6 (10:07:36 PM): lol lata
matt98028 (10:07:46 PM):
matt98028 (10:07:48 PM): lmfao
before you kill your idols, kiss them good night

Black Winged Angel [19 Apr 2004|08:43pm]
Yesterday, Shatterglass performed for Mr. Andrew Della Cagna. He was very impressed with our material and said that we could begin recording the album in about 4-5 weeks. In total, the recording will cost $1,000, but he said he won't ask for any money until he hands us the final mastered disc. like i've said before, thirteen songs, and a summer release date. nothing much else, i'll put some preview tracks on the website from yesterday's practice so you guys can hear what we've been working on. other than that, excited that i get to hang out with courtney this weekend! yay! woo hoo! until next time, farewell for now! -matt-

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cows go mooooooo [16 Apr 2004|10:12pm]
well, i went to the mall today. when i got there i ran into laurice and he was doing his hilarious michael jackson impersonation. he like did a little spin, grabbed his crotch, and went "he heeee". lmao, it was great. then i ran into chuck (whom i haven't seen for about 4 months because he moved to steubenville, the bastard) and hung out with him for a while until david showed up. i went to sam goody and got the naglfar - "sheol" album, and i wanted to buy devildriver too, but they didn't have it. so i made david drive me to circuit city to get it. so i got two great albums. then when we got back i walked around with mark a little bit, went to wall mart and such while i was waiting for sweetie pumpkin (courtney) to show up. and when she did, we walked outside. and dumbass steph kicked sarah and the cops kicked all three of them out of the mall. it was hilarious. so then, i walked with them to dollar tree and they bought bubble swords lmao. so after that, we walked back to the mall and i hung out with bryce for a little bit. we were smacking each other with a broken bumper from a car, lmao. and he fucking spit on me! looked like i had jizz all over my jeans! i also saw araina. she was outside, too. but then i had to go so i hugged sweetie pie and went to the hello shop to catch a ride with my grandma. we went to pizza hut and pigged out (i burnt the roof of my mouth on the pizza *sad face*) and now i'm at home listening to naglfar and typing this message. oh yeah, jeff and andrew are coming over on sunday to watch shatterglass rehearse, that should be fun. okay, i'm done. until next time!

courtney :-D !!!! <3 !!!!
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Penis....Cack....BALLS!!!!!!!! - title by: bryce [12 Apr 2004|05:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

well, today shatterglass practiced. played all 13 songs twice. and may i tell you....IT WAS MOST AWESOME!! we are going to have andrew check out our next practice (which will most likely be next weekend). this album is none stop action. the drums, vocals, and guitar will rip open a new anal cavity. bryce hit some of the highest and lowest vocals i've ever heard and bill was moving so much he sweat a river. well my little salmon headed friends, i'm signing off. see you later.


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holy fucking shit!! an update!! alert the media!!! wait....nevermind. [25 Mar 2004|03:44pm]
well well well my little children how are we today? i am fine, hopefully the same can be assumed for you. the only reason that i have decided to update is that i have so many things running through my mind right now i feel that i must tell you about, oh yeah, and courtney told me to. everything ends in tragedy is 99.9% written and as soon as i get my report card we can start rehearsing again. the album will feature thirteen new songs (for the full tracklisting go to the website). and writing has already begun on my part for the next record. so far i have completed five songs. we will record everything ends in tragedy in june most likely which means it looks like a july release. if all goes well with selling this monster of a record then by the time we finish writing our second set of songs (which will probably be october) we should be able to record with the money we make from selling cds, t-shirts, etc. so that means that the next album will be out early next year, if all goes well, and it should. we are scheduling a concert for may 22, with three other local bands. we're trying to locate a decent venue and i have one in mind that may be the host of this show. the three other bands are: angelrust, tormented, and a nitemare situation. shatterglass is also on the bill of souldevice's metalfest 2004 that will be held in east springfield. there will be more details of that show soon. there are nine bands in total for metalfest. andrew d'cagna of the bands angelrust and the decay theory will be producing and recording everything ends in tragedy. it will be an honor to work with this man, he is a true genius. not much else is going on so stay tuned to my journal for more shatterglass updates because i'll probably post more frequent updates in this journal than on the actual website. farewell. -matt-
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